map-app winnersTUgis 2014 featured an updated Map-App Design Competition that illustrated both the importance of design for the visual display of cartographic data from a GIS and highlighted web-based mapping applications.  Paper maps and applications entered in the Map-App Design Competition demonstrated the use of GIS for specific applications, and illustrated the importance of the visual display of geographic data in addition to overall user experience.

Professional Map Design Competition

  • 1st – Jeyan Jebaraj
  • 2nd – Victor Miranda and Adam Boarman (co-cartographers)

Student Map Design Competition

  • 1st – Liz Holtz
  • map-app-gallery2nd Tie – Vince Ford and Mike Lettre

Professional App Design Competition

  • 1st – Marut Tangtrongwanit
  • 2nd – Martin Schmidt

Student App Design Competition

  • 1st – Jonathan Kerr
  • 2nd – Joshua Souders