Special Interest Groups

The meetings will be held concurrently on Day 1, 9:00 a.m.–12:00 p.m.

Join industry leaders for a series of Special Interest Groups—communities with shared interest in advancing a specific area of knowledge, learning or technology where members cooperate to affect or to produce solutions.

Each SIG is three hours long (9 a.m.–12 p.m.) with breaks built into each schedule.

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Join industry leaders from across the state to discuss current topics and events impacting Maryland. Speakers will include state, local, and private industry representatives who will share insight into policy, management, and technical solutions related to environmental management.


  • Environmental justice policy and practice
    Devon Dodson and Kate Majchrzak, Maryland Department of the Environment
  • GIS approach to corridor management programming
    Mike Greenberg, Straughan Environmental, Inc
  • Addressing PFAS with GIS—Enterprise and field maps tools for data management
    Jessica Dickinson, EA
  • GIS use cases for environmental projects
    Jennifer Lishman Nunn, JMT
  • GIS trends in state environmental activities
    Anthony Puzzo and Julia Wood, Esri

Join leaders from MSGIC to get GIS career ready. Whether you’re entering the GIS profession or shifting careers, this session will serve as a primer for attendees attempting to market themselves to prospective employers during the conference, and beyond. The session will include:

  • Introductions and Ice Breakers
  • Get involved in the GIS community: Overview of organizations, benefits to involvement, taking on leadership roles
  • Getting Noticed: Job search process, interview process, getting noticed in the workplace, networking, leveraging social media
  • Getting Opportunities: Asking for promotions, building your case for career development, increasing your value, developing a career roadmap


  • Mary Buffington, Eastern Shore Regional GIS Cooperative
  • Amen Justice-Awuzie, Towson University Career Center
  • Tari Martin, National and Federal at National Alliance for Public Safety GIS
  • Patrick McCabe, Chesakpeake Conservancy
  • Sid Pandey, Deloitte
  • Steph Scherer, United States Army Corps of Engineers
  • Charlie Wrenn, Prince George’s County

Join GIS leaders from the local, state, and federal jurisdictions to learn about deploying NG911 and its impacts; and best practices and lessons learned from public safety access point (PSAP) migrations. You’ll also discover data maintenance program and hear an overview of 911.Maryland.gov.


Julia Fischer, Department of IT, State of Maryland

Panel Discussion

  • Overview of the DoD plan for deployment of NG911 and the impacts to local jurisdictions
  • Overview of statewide validation process and next steps
  • PSAP migrations lessons learned and next steps
  • Overview of GIS support for PSAPs Data Maintenance Program
  • Overview of the 911.maryland.gov website, as well as the upcoming 911 dashboard


  • John Holloway, U.S. Department of Defense
  • Dawn Baldridge, Mission Critical Partners
  • Dawn Blanchard, State of Maryland Geographic Information Office
  • Lauren McDermott, Eastern Shore Regional GIS Cooperative (ESRGC)

Join industry leaders from private industry and non-profits who will share insight into unmanned aircraft systems, how it relates to land survey projects, and UAV support for local municipalities.

Erick R. Quintanilla, Dewberry Engineering


  • Overview of the many uses of UAV for geospatial engineering services
    Sam Lee, Maryland Environmental Service
  • AEC Drone Services: an overview of AECOMs utilization of remotely piloted vehicles
    John Knowlton, AECOM
  • Putting remotely sensed data to work: Lasers, Planes, and Drones
    Andrew Peters, Dewberry Engineering

Join leaders from local municipalities, state agencies, higher education, and private industry for presentations on the One Maryland One Centerline program, equity in transportation, construction management, and the state’s Traffic Record Coordinating Committee.

Shawn Pickett, Century Engineering


  • Anne Arundel County ADA / pavement management program
    Scott Clement, Anne Arundel County
    Sean Lavalee, Century Engineering
    Shawn Pickett, Century Engineering

Lightning Talks

  • Vulnerable populate index
    Erin Bolton, Baltimore Metropolitan Council
  • Pavement management plan and field collection
    Jacob Vassalotti, City of College Park
  • Vision zero
    William White, City of Salisbury, Maryland

Panel Discussions

  • State of One Maryland One Centerline
    Jesse Day, Rizing
    Marshall Stevenson, WBCM
    Michel Sheffer, Maryland Department of Transportation
  • Safety and equity in transportation
    Doug Mowbray, Maryland Department of Transportation
    Jacob Vassalotti, University of Maryland College Park
    Tim Kerns, Maryland Department of Transportation

Closing remarks and poll
Shawn Pickett, Century Engineering

Join GIS leaders from local municipalities to discover how they’re using GIS for water, wastewater, and stormwater utilities and learn tips, tricks, and industry developments from leading GIS technology organizations.


Joe Deluca, geographIT | a division of EBA Engineering, Inc.

Local Municipality Presentations & Panel Discussion

  • Overview of where Anne Arundel County is now and where they want to be
    Jeff Cox, Anne Arundel County
  • Overview of what is going on at Baltimore City and plans for future enhancements
    Babatunde Oyinloye, Baltimore City Department of Public Works
  • Leveraging GIS to manage vertical assets and determine condition and criticality scores
    Chad Gibson, Harford County Government
  • Overview of where Howard County is now, lessons learned along the way, and where they are headed
    Jeffrey Edgin, Howard County Department of Public Works

Consultant Lead Presentations

  • Latest developments and the direction the industry is headed
    Jess Smith, Esri
  • Leveraging GIS and Power BI for forecasting aerial sewer crossing failures
    Moustafa Mohamed, KCI
  • Using GIS to track and analyze non-revenue water loss
    Joe DeLuca, geographIT | a division of EBA Engineering, Inc.